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I was seeing a chiropractor approximately 25 years ago after a car accident and was slightly traumatized after the many unsuccessful treatments.  I was not a fan of of the adjustments that were successful only 50% of the time.


Dr. Gehman was very informative and advised me of the planned treatment.  After  the treatment of multiple deep tissue pressure, I had more range of motion in my neck on both sides.  I was advised of further treatment and exercises to complete on my own.  I only had a slight amount of bruising and after a week, the soreness was gone and I still had the ROM in my neck.


I recommend this type of chiropractic treatment and benefited from it.


I was suffering from right hip pain and lower back stiffness for a few weeks when I was recommended to give Spinal Care Chiropractic and Rehabilitation a call. I hobbled into my first consult/appointment with Dr. Kristen Walters and she explained her process to relieve my pain and got to work! After my VERY FIRST APPOINTMENT, I walked out of the practice with my hip feeling better than it had felt in years. Dr. Walters had given me instruction to complete specific stretches to help the recovery of my hip and to this day, I am absolutely pain free in my right hip and to top it off, I have better flexibility and mobility than I’ve ever had in my entire life. I went back to a second appointment, this time with Dr. Logan Gehman who I would also absolutely recommend! Within two appointments with Dr. Gehman, my back soreness has disappeared and I’ve been able to touch my toes for the first time in my life.


If you are experiencing any sort of muscle or joint pain, the incredible doctors at this practice will solve your issues, and if they can’t, they will let you know! This is unlike any other care center I’ve been to, and I truly can’t even believe a place like this exists. RECOMMENDED 100%.


Thank you Dr. Walters & Dr. Gehman! You both are magicians.


Great experience! I had sustained a shoulder injury from shooting my compound bow. Was recommended to Spinal Care by a sports medicine doctor. I had some reservations because in the past when I visited other chiropractors, the treatment only consisted of a spinal adjustment and routine and regular continued office visits. This was not the case with Spinal Care.


Their goal is to treat your injury and get you back to health or refer you to someone else that can help if they can’t. The office staff was friendly and helpful in getting me an appointment and explaining how the new patient information would be collected along with billing. Dr. Gehman called a few days before my appointment to make sure I had a chance to watch the new patient video, review some details of the reason for my upcoming visit, and answer any questions I had. During my appointment, Dr. Gehman did a thorough review of my medical history and injury. He explained what he felt was the problem and the recommended treatment. The deep tissue therapy was uncomfortable and intense but after just two visits my pain was greatly reduced and I was released from treatment. After my first visit, Dr. Gehman called me to see how I was doing and answer any questions or concerns I had. After my second appointment, Dr. Gehman provided some at-home exercises to strengthen my shoulder and prevent any future injuries. I would highly recommend Spinal Care for any pain you may be experiencing. You’re not going to get this type of personal care and attention at most medical providers.


I work as a tree climber, and my success depends upon good health. The job often demands heavy lifting, twisting, and turning. After this repetitive work I often find myself sore and aching. Dr. Walters was recommended to me by a friend, and her work has changed my life. From the moment I walk into her establishment, I am greeted with smiles. The office is a comforting place, radiating positive energy. During my visits with Dr. Walters, she listens deeply to my concerns, devises a plan, and effectively renders it, eliminating my discomfort in a swift fashion. I do not know where I would be without her and her wonderful staff. I like to book early morning appointments because the positivity she meets me with carries through the whole day. I would most certainly recommend Dr. Walters for anyone experiencing any pain or discomfort.


Dr. Kristen Walters is exceptional! I am always moving and training for my health, well-being, and career. I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years and have worked with many chiropractors, doctors, orthopedics, physical therapists, personal trainers personally and professionally. Dr. Walters’ approach to pain and injury is holistic and refreshing. She acknowledges that she needed an assessment first, then determines whether she believes she can solve the issue or would refer you to another specialist. After my initial assessment, Dr. Walters said, “I think I can help you. It will take two to three visits and I believe we can eliminate you pain.” After three visits, I am pain free! I am a raving fan of Dr. Walters because she recommends moving as much as you can. So often, doctors recommend rest. I appreciate her support of activity and movement as medicine.


The office staff was excellent with appointment details, paperwork and follow up. All forms were electronic, and it was clear Dr. Walters reviewed everything prior to the appointment vs. re-asking everything on the spot like so many other doctors. I have sent family and friends to Dr. Walters and would recommend her to anyone with pain.


Dr. Walters was able to pinpoint our son’s specific injury, and then treat it with targeted therapies.  We have no doubt that he is returning to baseball weeks earlier than had we left him to follow the course of action prescribed by the orthopedist.  Dr. Walters was recommended to us because of her unique specialty of accelerating recovery from muscle/skeletal injury and that is exactly what she did for our son.  It also helps that she has assembled an extremely competent, accommodating and knowledgeable office staff that makes the entire visit a very pleasant experience.


After having my first child, I had lots of lower back and hip pain.  I spent seven years trying everything I could to fix the constant pain I was in.  I went to doctors, physical therapy, more than one chiropractor, tried medications, spinal injections and nothing really worked.  By chance, I was talking with a friend and she mentioned Spinal Care and Dr. Walters.


At my first appointment with Dr. Walters I was blown away.  She listened to my very long story, knew exactly where my pain was coming from and was able to start treating me right away.  I left that appointment and knew immediately that I had finally found the person who was going to help me.  Within one month, I was free from pain that had plagued me for seven years.  I started running again.  I could lift again.  I could sleep again.  Dr. Walters and her team have given me back part of my life that I had lost and I am forever grateful.


I was a skeptic. Nagging mid-back pain for a couple years. No relief available. After 3 sessions, 100% relief (actually only 2; needed some unrelated “tuning” because I found myself being able to do more than I previously could). Methodology is sound, and result is what matters. Will definitely return for maintenance, on as-needed basis only (no contracts here). Thanks to my wife and Dr. Karen Maley for relieving my pain.


At Spinal Care Chiropractic, my doctor, Karen Maley, worked with me over the course of about 6 weeks to strengthen and relieve my shin splints. Going from someone who ran a marathon last November, to a runner who felt completely defeated and was barely able to run a quarter of a mile, Dr. Maley gave me a piece of my sanity back. Dr. Maley always came in to the room with a smile on her face, a positive attitude, and careful consideration for me and what I had going on in my life both in and outside of running. Things like “how is school going” or “I can understand why this injury is so frustrating; we are going to figure this out together” especially stand out. Running is a very individual activity, and if you love it the way I do, it is extremely difficult and rare to find someone who is able to empathize and understand the not only physical, but mental toll it takes on a runner to be injured and unable to run. Dr. Maley leveled with my frustrations and was determined to help in in every way she could.


Over the course of the 5-6 weeks, I went from a quarter mile, all the way up to over a mile not stopping, and eventually worked up to a 4 mile run with minimal “stop and stretch” breaks. My shins have gotten 90% better, and with the extra work needed to be done post treatment by myself at home, I hope to be back to 100% extremely soon. Thanks to Dr. Karen Maley and Spinal Care Chiropractic, I feel like a brand new and stronger runner ready to conquer my next race. Thank you!!!!!

– R.P.

Dr. Maley and team were great at getting my shoulder back to feeling normal again- the therapy was necessary to maintain my high level of physical activity/CrossFit. The office staff was also amazing making sure to get my referrals to go through- the team is A+ and I will continue to send all of our athletes to Spinal Care.


I was referred to Dr. Karen Maley by a friend of mine who is a coach at a local crossfit gym. I had a total of six visits at the Collegeville location. I originally came to Dr Maley because my elbow and shoulder was really hurting and sore. I couldn’t seem to get to the source of the pain. It went from hurting just during workouts to practically all the time.


Throughout the six sessions with Dr Maley, we discovered it was actually the small, repetitive movements that I repeat each week at work in combination with some Cross Fit movements that were aggravating my wrist, elbow and shoulder system on my right side. Dr Maley performed targeted fascia release along with chiropractic manipulations. Over time, the pain went from a 8 or 9 to just about 0. She taught me the importance of K-tape, good posture and Bio-freeze to help ease soreness.

Dr. Maley is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and all around just a good person.


My biggest takeaways from  Dr. Maley: mobility stretches for my shoulders, arms and back. Now, I can literally feel the tension whether it’s related to stress, movement or soreness. This kind of body awareness has been invaluable. I now know how to proactively prevent this overuse injury and I have the tools in my tool box to be able to tackle it on my own should the need arise. And of course, I know I can go back for another session if needed.

It should be mentioned also the office staff is incredibly efficient, welcoming and professional.

Thanks Dr. Maley and staff!


I can’t say enough good about this practice.  Their philosophy is to get you up and moving and that is exactly what they did for me.


I am a 67 year old woman who was never an athlete but a I live a very active lifestyle.  When the ‘stay at home’ order came, I vowed not to gain weight and started walking…. A LOT!  I was averaging 10-12 miles a day.  8 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.  I guess I did too much too fast (I was walking 16 minute miles).  Starting hurting one morning and then it got so bad that I couldn’t get a glass of water without planning my moves.  In the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep from pain, I found a review for Spinal Care.


I sent an email (at 2:00 am) and they got back to me at the beginning of the day on Monday and gave me an appointment for that day.  I went in and saw Dr Maley.  She explained that I had stressed my glute muscles and had formed adhesions.  She did what pretty much was deep tissue massage to break it up.  I was skeptical.  But after 2 visits, I am walking without pain.


Spoiler alert.  This is not your run of the mill, typical Chiropractic practice.  You aren’t going there to have your neck cracked or your back cracked.  You go there to address the cause of your injury and get you on your feet again.  Two weeks later, I am back to walking 6 miles a day (scaling back a bit), walking 18 holes of golf and feeling no pain!


Dr. Maley is amazing! If you Crossfit and have aches and pains you need to give her a shot! She has done wonders for my neck/shoulder issues over the last few months.


I suffered from intermittant one-sided lower back and hip pain that I was trying to manage on my own for a number of months.  However, after a week of strength and boxing classes, the dull pain was now a loud roar and I knew I needed help.


I was referred to Spinal Care because of their reputation for effectively and efficiently addressing injuries and getting active people back pain free to their normal active lives. I had never been to a chiropractor before, and I was skeptical as I expected spinal adjustments would be the treatment.  However, given the recommendation and my pain level, I was willing to try it!


My pain was a 9 out of 10 when I arrived and, after 4 treatments with Dr. Maley, and diligent at-home care, I was able to get my pain level to a 0-1 which is a lower pain threshold than when I was “managing” it on my own.  I just thought I would have to live with the pain and “work through it”, but after finding Dr. Maley and Spinal Care, I know now that pain relief is possible!  The myofacial release treatments by Dr. Maley were key to relieving a lot of my pain.


Dr. Maley is skilled, attentive and focused on listening and responding to my feedback at every treatment.  I am grateful to know that I have found a trusted, reliable and effective place for treatment if (when?!) I encounter future issues.  Thank you Dr. Maley and Spinal Care!!


As work from home becomes a new way of life, I found myself with some new injuries (i.e. elbow tendinitis ). Well, Dr. Walters is my go-to expert with alternative healing and after only a few sessions, I’m feeling better. Not only does Dr. Walters have this ability to truly understand people, offer a caring connection, and quickly rectify the issue, the office staff is just fantastic.Thank vou Dr. Walters and Staff!


I drive from Philly to Collegeville to Spinal Care because they are that good. And after recommending her to several friends, they ALSO make the drive! You won’t be disappointed!!


Dr. Walters is outstanding.  I found her to be the perfect blend you would hope for in a healthcare provider. Highly professional and knowledgeable, explains treatment so you can understand.  If I had to choose I would choose a highly skilled clinician over bedside manner; however, it is not necessary to choose one trait over the other with Dr. Walters.  She is joyful and kind, takes her time and there is a sense she is truly listening and guiding you toward health.  I am very satisfied with the treatment and plan she laid out for me.


I want to share my story and the positive impact Dr Maley had on my life. I had a sudden hearing loss in my left ear and dealt with it for a couple of weeks due to concerns of going to a doctor ( this took place in March) during COVID. Concerned, I saw my primary a few times, but resulted in unsuccessful attempts to cure with ear wax drops and then steroids. I then started to experience a high pitch echoing and numbness in the side of my face and was sent to an ENT specialist. The ENT requested an MRI and diagnosed me with Sudden Hearing Loss and told there was nothing I could do and would need a hearing aid.


That same day my wife did some research on the web regarding my symptoms that seemed to also align to muscular skeletal issues.  After reading Dr. Maley and Dr. Walters biographies, it confirmed they were my best bet and made and an appointment with Dr Maley.  I went in to my first appointment with echoing and 80% hearing loss in my left ear. I left that first appointment with no echoing and a percentage of my hearing loss was restored. I saw Dr. Maley once a week, over the next four weeks.


I also went back to my ENT for my MRI follow up (showed no issues) and hearing test which showed my sudden loss had recovered 100%. My ENT could not believe it, as he had stated during my first visit that it was a virus that had probably permanently damaged my inner ear and would not get back 100% of my hearing.


Thank you Spinal Care, especially Dr Maley. Thank you for recovering my hearing through treatment and treating me with undivided attention.  The undivided attention you gave me and care about my issue was genuine and gave me confidence to get through it. I am not the type of person to write or share my story, but I thought it was important for two reasons: 1) So others can learn from my experience, and 2) to Express to the Spinal Care team how much I appreciate everything you did for me especially Dr Maley. Thank you.

I suffered with shoulder pain for months and visited my regular chiropractor but he suggested I see an Orthopedic or a Physical Therapist. Not sure I wanted to go that route, I continued to deal with the issue. Eventually the pain was waking me up at night and my trainer suggested I see Dr. Maley.

I called my insurance and found out they didn’t accept it but decided to give it a try anyway. I am so thankful I did.

Dr. Maley diagnosed me with a Frozen Shoulder and felt confident she could release it within 3 or 4 visits. What impressed me is that she said if I didn’t see a difference in 3 or 4 visits, she would suggest I seek the advice of an orthopedic doctor. I am happy to say I didn’t need to go any further. Dr. Maley was able to release my frozen shoulder in 3 visits. She walked me through everything she was going to do and was very professional. I am pain free and can now lift my arm.

The office staff is very professional. I did submit the office visits to my insurance and found out they do cover a portion. Today I received a call from the office and they received a refund check in error as it was supposed to be sent to me. I was shocked because this has not been my experience in the past. If the insurance company incorrectly mails the check to the doctor, I usually found out when I received the statement and I had to call the doctor. Then it would take months to get the refund from the doctor. Spinal Care called me right away and corrected the situation even before I knew there was a situation. Because of the care I received from Dr. Maley and my experience with the refund I highly recommend Spinal Care for all your chiropractic and rehabilitation needs.


Besides the incredible customer service and complete dedication to you as a patient and person, the doctors at Spinal Care actually fix your ailment.  Very unique among their peers, they will tell you straight if they can or can not help.


Spinal Care has helped me with every injury, ache and pain I have had. After only one visit they had me feeling better, which allows me to continue my training for the Cross Fit games.


I can not say enough good things about Spinal Care. I went from excruciating pain to being totally pain free under their care. I would recommend them to anyone.


I cannot say enough about Dr. Walters. She is my personal miracle worker! So glad she is back for good!


Dr Walters is the absolute best! I am so happy she is back in the area. I am a runner and the last few weeks I have not been able to run/do yoga due to lower back and hip pain/issues. I finally decided to call Spinal Care. Despite a booked schedule they worked me in for an appt. today. After just the one visit today I was able to go for a 3 mile run! Of course I will have a few more follow up appts but already feeling better! Dr Walters is amazing, and the office staff are wonderful. Highly recommend you won’t be disappointed.


Dr. Kristen Walters is a magician with her hands! Whether adjusting you in the classic chiropractic style, or identifying and clearing your soft-tissue trouble spots with her expertise in deep myofacial release, she truly is magic!! Even better, the staff here, led by Barb, Collette & all the massage therapists, are always welcoming and cheerful, making each visit a pleasure that always leaves you looking forward to coming back! I love Spinal Care!!!


For years I had stiffness in my neck, a frozen shoulder, a sore back. Sitting at a computer was agony. Waking up was almost as bad. I thought I was doomed to a lifetime of pain until I could stand it no longer. I posted for help on FB. Spinal Care Chiropractic, specifically Dr. Walters, was recommended by everyone who responded. To make a long story short – you cured me! I can move my arm now. Sometimes I move it not because I should to keep it flexible, but just because I CAN! And my back doesn’t hurt – at all! I wake up each morning and don’t feel like I’m 100 years old anymore. Thank you so much!! Also thanks to your friendly staff!


Spinal Care focuses on each patient as an individual, with a unique and specific plan of treatment. The fact that Spinal Care tailors their treatments to patients different needs, is what sets them apart from the other chiropractic facilities. Spinal care is simply an excellent choice.


This was by far the best chiropractic experience I have had. The Spinal Care doctors are knowledgeable, patient, and very concerned with patients’ well being. A positive experience like this will make me more prone to making additional appointments and referring others to this practice. Additionally your entire staff made my visits very enjoyable. Keep up the great work.


This is my first experience with a chiropractor and it has been wonderful. The staff are very accommodating and Dr. Walters has worked wonders on my lower back pain. I highly recommend Dr. Walters and the Spinal Care staff.


A year and a half after having 2 total knee replacements, I was lost. My knees were quickly locking after walking short distances. It felt like there was a vice grip that tightened as I moved. As someone who regularly walks 10,000 steps per day, I was anxious to get back to my usual level of activity. Two knee surgeons and the doctors at my primary care office had no ideas for me. I felt unheard and very frustrated.


From my first contact with Spinal Care, I felt cared for. Dr. Walters listened to my description of symptoms, carefully examined my legs, and tested my abilities. She explained, every step along the way, how we would proceed to get some of my mobility back; we hoped for a 60% improvement. At this point, I feel well over 90% improvement! At each session, I feel that I am receiving 100% attention and care. Dr. Walters is extremely empathetic and knowledgeable.


After about 4 treatments, I was able to go back to hiking. Today I am able to do daily yoga and walk and hike long distances. I have received approximately 8 treatments and I am so grateful for the progress we have made. We schedule and proceed as a team with Dr. Walters checking in on my progress along the way.


The support office is also wonderful and extremely responsive. I highly recommend and commend Spinal Care.


When I first met Dr. Maley, I was in immense pain due to metatarsalgia and sesamoiditis. I was a new patient and she was able to fit me in, the same day I called. In today’s day and age, of making appointments days in advance, for this I will be eternally grateful. She was kind, patient and let me talk away, then got to working on my foot. As I left her office, I could feel the benefit of the soft tissue work she conducted around the inflammed area. She even reached out to me on my cell to follow up on how I was feeling and whether I had any more questions. This is one-of-a-kind service and I felt like I was truly being looked after.


I also saw Dr. Maley for my double tennis elbow and needed a few extra visits as my condition was rather bad. Each visit had soft tissue work and an adjustment at the end. Every minute of my appointment was put to good use, with Dr. Maley having a brief discussion about my pain level and then working on the sore areas. She was always readily available if anything was needed as far as follow up questions or even if I just wanted to touch base on the status of my condition. She is a wonderful chiropractor with great interpersonal skills. She truly cares about her patients and makes them feel at home and respected.  I was very happy with my overall results and my condition has improved for the better. Full marks to Dr. Maley for being so wonderful and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor that doesn’t just “go through the motions” of adjusting only, but also does a full evaluation and prepares a treatment plan for each patient’s individual needs and conditions.

– E.S.

Spinal Care Chiropractic and Rehabilitation’s approach is very personalized and focuses more on than just spinal adjustments. I found the fascial treatment to be particularly helpful in relieving my back pain. I saw Karen Maley. She was great – listened intently and took her time with me. Highly recommend!


I am so grateful to Dr. Maley and the Spinal Care Chiropractic team. Dr. Maley’s approach is practical and encouraging. She desires to get you pain relief or refer you to someone who can help. She helped me get to the finish line of a difficult pregnancy, and even gave me tools that continue to help postpartum. The office staff was always excellent and organized, too!


Dr. Walters is a Miracle worker! Had a workout injury doing Arnold Presses, and felt a huge pop that took months to recover from. Working out consistently was the only way to keep it from hurting all day .. even than I was half strength.


Went to a chiropractor who said he couldn’t fix it but could align my spine to help my body be able to recover on its own with 3 visits/week for 3 months and I would need to come back biweekly after to keep up with the alignment…


Fast forward 2 years and I decided to fix it and found Spinal Care around the corner from me and they had great reviews without needing endless visits.


SO HAPPY I DID! After the 1st visit my shoulder felt 80% better easy. And I could do pullups and pushups full force! Just finished my 2nd visit and might not need a 3rd!!!


I had no idea how much pain I was in every single moment until Dr. Walters did her magic! I would never trust any other Chiropractor or Dr. with my injuries in the future without coming here 1st hands down.


Dr. Walters is great! Not only was what she did helpful for my neck and shoulder, but she was very pleasant. Her follow up and bedside manor was amazing. She is very thorough in explaining what she is doing and why. In this day and age it is especially challenging to find someone who not only has the expertise but also the human aspect. She definitely has both, I would highly recommend anyone to use her services if asked.


Dr. Walters is a miracle worker! I had severe pain in my leg and my doctor wanted me to get an MRI but before insurance would approve it I had to get an x-ray. On a whim I decided to try a chiropractor first. I picked Spinal Care because they are so close to my house. I knew nothing about them. on my first visit Dr. Walters evaluated me and said she could help. Her goal is to get you better so you don’t have to keep going back every week. After two visits with her my pain was 98% gone. I could not believe it. I then let her work on my arm. I had rotator cuff surgery two years ago and could not lay on my arm. Again, two visits with her and the pain was gone. She is amazing. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone!


This place is awesome! Everything is run efficiently with the staff and getting into appointments on time. Dr. Maley got me back to health with lower back pain in no time focusing on the problem areas that I was aware of (my back) and even hip flexors. I really like the way this practice looks to get you back to full health with a focus on addressing the whole problem. I hope I am never back but glad to know they are local and able to help any time.


I found Dr. Kristen Walters after months of dealing with extreme low back and hip pain from an injury at the gym. The original injury left me unable to walk for a few days and severely impacted my mobility. I spent months with a previous chiropractor and was fortunately able to get back on my feet. I tried some physical therapy, but unfortunately I still had a lot of residual pain. I was discouraged and beginning to accept the fact that living with pain would be my new normal. It was clear that I needed something different.


During my initial appointment, Dr. Walters examined me and explained to me the process of manipulating the muscle fascia and how that may help restore some of my mobility and reduce my pain. I’ll be very honest and say that the fascia manipulation is not the most pleasant feeling, and sometimes it just downright hurts. You can certainly expect to be a little sore and bruised afterward — but you can also expect to have some relief. I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but once I saw (and felt) the results a few days after the first treatment, I was shocked at how much better I was feeling. I began seeing improvements after each visit — I started sleeping better, I would wake up with minimal pain and stiffness, and I began to get a lot of my mobility back. After about 4 visits, I actually felt good enough to start getting back into the gym. It is definitely a process, and everyone is going to have different results — but regardless I would still highly recommend Spinal Care to anyone in need of relief from bone and/or muscle pain.


Such an amazing experience working with Kristen! My shoulders have never felt better. I did not realize how much the bothered me until after I got work one. I literally feel like I was given new shoulders! If you’re looking for someone to help solve your problems Spinal Care is definitely the place to go.


All I can say is Awesome!!

I had a lot of pain on my inner right elbow for the past several years and figured it was something I would have to deal with forever. Not The Case. My wife told me about Dr. Maley and how much she had helped her. After 4 visits totally pain free!! I would have never believed this special kind of treatment would have worked, but what do I know. Hats off to Dr. Maley and the whole team at Spinal Care. I would also like to mention Janine Borders, it was a real delight being greeted by her each morning!!


Other chiropractors would not touch me once I said that I have herniated discs. I consulted with Dr. Maley based on a recommendation from my sister. She and her staff are very welcoming into their office. Dr. Maley will give you recommendations on what you could do in between sessions to get yourself back in a pain-free place while receiving treatments from her. There is a lot I learned from this Listen to your body and take care of yourself. Personal well-being needs to be a higher priority.


Just WOW. After getting a quote from another chiropractor in the area that resembled a small mortgage, I was recommended to Spinal Care and Dr. Walters. I initially went in for lower back pain and hip tightness – I was amazed at how much better I felt after just ONE session.


Continuing to go back for other areas that were causing mobility issues at the gym. This past week was just simply incredible… I had almost ZERO mobility in my right shoulder. Dr. Walters explained the issue, dug in, loosened the area and in one 30-minute session had restored full mobility in my shoulder. One session. If I could give 10 stars I would – she and her abilities are simply amazing.