The Spinal Care focus is on you from the first phone call.  We understand that navigating through the health care system can be daunting.  This complicated process is even harder when you are hurt. We want to take some of that anxiety and frustration out of the equation for you. Our staff will answer all of your questions and help guide you through the process. If you have health insurance, we will verify your coverage and do our best to get you the information up front.  Our doctors will call you ahead of your appointment to introduce themselves and answer any questions you have to make your first appointment as easy and stress free as possible.


At Spinal Care, the initial consultation and treatment take about an hour. In that time, the doctor will ask a number of questions, do a thorough examination and explain the treatment. We will also explain your diagnosis, how we are going to treat the issue, and about how many visits we think it will take to get you better.  If we do not think we can help with your pain, we will tell you that too and help guide you to the appropriate provider.  If treatment is warranted and after all your questions are answered, we will begin treatment at that time.  Most patients walk out of the first visit feeling 30-50% better.  Each follow up appointment is about a half hour of one on one time with the doctor. We focus on you alone in that appointment – there is no open rehab or adjusting rooms – just you and the doctor.


We focus on the rapid resolution of your pain. We want to get you fixed and back to living your life. We do not subscribe to long term treatment plans. Usually we need about 4-5 visits to get you out of pain.


At Spinal Care, we are redefining chiropractic care. We use a combination of soft tissue and joint mobilizations with active rehabilitation to get you out of pain and help keep you pain free.