Mar 08, 2016 by spinalcare

Welcome to Spinal Care!  We are so happy you found our blog and we hope to offer a bit of helpful information about your body and how we can help how you function at your best.  Our mission here at Spinal Care is to quickly get you out of pain and help you stay that way.  Our blog is a helpful reference to teach you how to help us in our mission to get you out of pain.  With that in mind, I want to use this first blog post as a means of introducing ourselves to you.  We think it is important for you to understand a little bit about us because we offer a different approach to chiropractic care and rehab.


When people hear “chiropractor” they often think of two main ideas.  First it’s the “cracking” of the neck and back.  While that “cracking or popping” (known as a spinal adjustment) is one tool we have at our disposal, it is just a one of the tools we use to eliminate pain and restore motion. If we feel it is not necessary to resolving your issue, or if you have any concerns over the adjustment, we don’t do it.  It’s as simple as that.  Our goal is to get you out of pain and if it is more of a soft tissue injury than a joint problem, we use soft tissue therapies.  At Spinal Care we will do a full examination of the area and take the time to determine what needs to be done to resolve the issue.  If we can fix it, we will explain how we will do it and about how long it will take.  If we cannot fix your issue, we will let you know and discuss other options or practitioners who might be able to help.   About 50% of the injuries we treat are of the neck and back, about 40% of our patient cases are extremity injuries: shoulders, wrist, elbows, knees and ankles.  As a general rule of thumb:  if it hurts to move it, we can likely fix it.


The second most common concern I hear from new patients is that they expect to have to come in for treatment “forever”.   While many chiropractors will have you come in for treatment 2-3 times each week for months on end, our goal is to get you fixed fast.   The average injury in our office takes 3-5 visits to resolve.  After that, you will be better prepared to do what you need to do to stay out of pain and moving properly.  We aim for 95% improvement overall (the last 5% usually comes with time and restored motion) and once you reach that point, we want you out living your life – not seeing us repeatedly.   We are here to help you.  We are happiest when we hear about our patients playing with their kids, breaking personal records at the gym and enjoying their lives.  Some people like to come in for “checkups” periodically, but on the whole – if you have a proper balance of joint motion and strength, you shouldn’t need to see us much.


Next month on the Spinal Care blog:  How to maintain joint health.  The right balance of joint mobility and stability.