The Impact After the Impact: Why even minor fender- benders have a long-lasting impact on joints and pain.

    Apr 26, 2017 by spinalcare

    There is no doubt that improvements in vehicle safety over the last decade alone have made the roads a much safer place to be. According to the IIHS, “The chances of dying in a crash in a late-model vehicle have fallen by more than a third in just three years” (1).  Cars are now primarily

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    New You, New Goal.

    Mar 07, 2017 by spinalcare

    If you haven’t seen the hashtag, #NewYearNewMe, you may want to think about coming out from the rock you live under. January was the time of year when New Year’s resolutions were made. Now, two months later, it is time to check-in. It’s no secret gyms were packed on January 1st and by now year-round gym-goers

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    Domino Effect of Posture

    Feb 13, 2017 by spinalcare

    Do you remember as a kid, dressed in Sunday best, feeling like a princess, and smiling for a picture when out of nowhere, you would hear that maternal shriek, “Sit up straight”? That voice was right.  Just as moms always are. But for most of us, we don’t always listen to that voice. We may think about

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    Chiropractic Care in the News

    Dec 29, 2016 by spinalcare

    Many of you have recently heard of chiropractic in the press and the undertone has not been positive. This has prompted us at Spinal Care to address some of the misconceptions and the negativity in the news and social media lately. Much of the negative press revolves around chiropractic and the potential for stroke.  At

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    The Butterfly Effect of Pain

    Nov 14, 2016 by spinalcare

    “Why are you working on my abdomen?  My pain is in my back.” If only we had a dime for every time we hear that question.  Often when working on a patient, he will move my hand to the area of pain and say “the pain is here – this is where you need to

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    Sitting is the New Smoking

    Oct 04, 2016 by spinalcare

    Have you ever heard the idiom, “sitting is the new smoking”?  We have and we see the effects of it daily. That might sound a bit extreme, but sitting and the sedentary lifestyle it promotes have become a significant healthcare issue of the 21st century. We live in a society where it is common to work

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    Mobility Basics

    Aug 30, 2016 by spinalcare

    All joint pain and injuries ultimately can be broken down into two categories: Mobility/Flexibility Issues and Stability/Strength issues If you can find the right balance of mobility and stability, your joints will last forever (or at least a lot longer than they might otherwise).  As with everything, balance is key.  Too much stability often leads to too

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    Attributes of Healthy Joints

    Apr 13, 2016 by spinalcare

    When people hear “chiropractor” they often think of “cracking” of the neck and back.  While in some cases that might be true, at Spinal Care we think there are 2 main flaws with that idea.  While that “cracking or popping” (known as an adjustment) is one tool we have at our disposal, it is just

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    Welcome to the Spinal Care Blog

    Mar 08, 2016 by spinalcare

    Welcome to Spinal Care!  We are so happy you found our blog and we hope to offer a bit of helpful information about your body and how we can help how you function at your best.  Our mission here at Spinal Care is to quickly get you out of pain and help you stay that

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