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I was a skeptic. Nagging mid-back pain for a couple years. No relief available. After 3 sessions, 100% relief (actually only 2; needed some unrelated “tuning” because I found myself being able to do more than I previously could). Methodology is sound, and result is what matters. Will definitely return for maintenance, on as-needed basis only (no contracts here). Thanks to my wife and Dr. Karen Maley for relieving my pain.


Dr. Maley is amazing! If you Crossfit and have aches and pains you need to give her a shot! She has done wonders for my neck/shoulder issues over the last few months.


Besides the incredible customer service and complete dedication to you as a patient and person, the doctors at Spinal Care actually fix your ailment.  Very unique among their peers, they will tell you straight if they can or can not help.


I drive from Philly to Collegeville to Spinal Care because they are that good. And after recommending her to several friends, they ALSO make the drive! You won’t be disappointed!!


Spinal Care has helped me with every injury, ache and pain I have had. After only one visit they had me feeling better, which allows me to continue my training for the Cross Fit games.


I can not say enough good things about Spinal Care. I went from excruciating pain to being totally pain free under their care. I would recommend them to anyone.


I cannot say enough about Dr. Walters. She is my personal miracle worker! So glad she is back for good!


Dr Walters is the absolute best! I am so happy she is back in the area. I am a runner and the last few weeks I have not been able to run/do yoga due to lower back and hip pain/issues. I finally decided to call Spinal Care. Despite a booked schedule they worked me in for an appt. today. After just the one visit today I was able to go for a 3 mile run! Of course I will have a few more follow up appts but already feeling better! Dr Walters is amazing, and the office staff are wonderful. Highly recommend you won’t be disappointed.


Dr. Kristen Walters is a magician with her hands! Whether adjusting you in the classic chiropractic style, or identifying and clearing your soft-tissue trouble spots with her expertise in deep myofacial release, she truly is magic!! Even better, the staff here, led by Barb, Collette & all the massage therapists, are always welcoming and cheerful, making each visit a pleasure that always leaves you looking forward to coming back! I love Spinal Care!!!

-B. M.

For years I had stiffness in my neck, a frozen shoulder, a sore back. Sitting at a computer was agony. Waking up was almost as bad. I thought I was doomed to a lifetime of pain until I could stand it no longer. I posted for help on FB. Spinal Care Chiropractic, specifically Dr. Walters, was recommended by everyone who responded. To make a long story short – you cured me! I can move my arm now. Sometimes I move it not because I should to keep it flexible, but just because I CAN! And my back doesn’t hurt – at all! I wake up each morning and don’t feel like I’m 100 years old anymore. Thank you so much!! Also thanks to your friendly staff!

-N G.

Spinal Care focuses on each patient as an individual, with a unique and specific plan of treatment. The fact that Spinal Care tailors their treatments to patients different needs, is what sets them apart from the other chiropractic facilities. Spinal care is simply an excellent choice.

-B. L.

This was by far the best chiropractic experience I have had. The Spinal Care doctors are knowledgeable, patient, and very concerned with patients’ well being. A positive experience like this will make me more prone to making additional appointments and referring others to this practice. Additionally your entire staff made my visits very enjoyable. Keep up the great work.

-P. R.

This is my first experience with a chiropractor and it has been wonderful. The staff are very accommodating and Dr. Walters has worked wonders on my lower back pain. I highly recommend Dr. Walters and the Spinal Care staff.